"Glads", as they are sometimes called, are native to Africa, Asia and southern Europe. Though cold hardy from USDA climate zone 7 through 11, they can be grown practically anywhere in the United States. In northern zones, they can be grown as inexpensive summer annuals. In southern zones, they can come back year after year.

Gladioli make perfect garden accents. The striking blooms and sword-like foliage make a bold statement in the garden. Gladioli great for cut flower arrangements and for gifts. Just think how good you'll feel carrying an armload of your own home-grown gladiolus stems to someone you love. Or plant loads of gladiolus corms and invite your friends to pick their own!

To learn more about gladiolus, read our articles Glorious Glads, FAQ: When should I cut my gladioli?, and When should I dig my gladiolus bulbs?.

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