Cymbalaria - Kenilworth Ivy, Pennywort

Charming plants often grow in places where you least expect them, like wall crevices or under your feet. Look carefully and you'll see what I mean. This is certainly the case with Cymbalaria. What a delightful discovery it is.

Cymbalaria grows very low, spreads rapidly and forms a dense carpet. Height, not including flowers, is usually less than 2 inches. It spreads 8 inches or more, depending upon the species. Small flowers, from white, pink to mauve are produced early to mid-summer, though the blooms may appear in other seasons as well.

Obviously, Cymbalaria is suitable as a ground cover, but it also does well in rock gardens, among stone walls, cascading over terraces, and as an under-planting in container gardens. For those looking for a lawn-substitute, Cymbalaria aequitriloba is perfect; it tolerates foot traffic very well. It also grows nicely around stepping stones.

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