Hydrocotyle - Lawn Marsh Penny Wort

Lawn Marshpennywort is a solution plant for wet places. As anyone who has such a site can attest, lawn grass doesn't perform well in water. But Lawn Marshpennywort does. It goes by the botanical name, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides.

Hydrocotyle is a relative of fennel and celery in the Apiaceae family. Insignificant pale green flowers are produced mid-spring to mid-summer. It grows very low, spreads very quickly, and forms a dense carpet. Mature height is only 1 inch.

The glossy green or variegated foliage makes an attractive mat that looks great around water features, stream banks and in container gardens. Hydrocotyle is also quite suitable for terrariums. For collectors of herbs with medicinal interest, it's a natural.

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