Leptinella - Brass Buttons

Leptinella, a genus of plants native to parts of Oceania and South America, is as captivating. The evergreen, fern-like foliage reminds me of designs on some brass buttons, but the button-like flowers may have also inspired the common name - Brass Buttons.

Leptinella grows very low, spreads rapidly and forms a dense carpet. Height is usually less than 4 inches. It spreads to 15 inches. Small flowers are produced early to mid-summer.

Leptinella is suitable as a ground cover, but it also does well as an under planting in container gardens. For gardeners looking for a lawn-substitute, Leptinella is perfect; it tolerates foot traffic very well. It also grows nicely around stepping stones.

Leptinella thrives in partial sun, and in fertile, well-drained to moist soils with pH ranging from 5.6 to 7.8. Hardiness varies by species.

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