Leucanthemum - Shasta Daisy

In addition to their imaginative uses as cut flowers, personal adornment, and seers of love, shasta daisies are great for perennial borders and wildflower meadows. Butterflies and bees love clover, but they adore daisies, too. So do birds. More good news: rabbits do not care to eat them. Daisies will also make your heart glad because they are easy to care for and drought-tolerant when established.

Daisies thrive in USDA climate zones 3 through 9. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Average well-drained garden soil with pH ranging from 5.6 to 7.5 is fine, but organic, well-composted soil is perfect for pushing up daisies. The seeds are best planted in spring. Plants can be set any time you have a trowel handy.

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