Perovskia - Russian Sage

Russian Sage is not native to Russia. The genus, Perovskia, is native to the mountains of central Asia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan to China.

Russian Sage is not a true sage, though it is related as a member of the Lamiaceae family which includes lavender, mint, salvia and such. Like many of its relatives, its leaves and stems contain aromatic essential oils. Though known for over a century, it was not used much in ornamental gardens until fairly recently. Being named the Perennial Plant Of The Year in 1995 by the Perennial Plant Association helped a lot.

Do you live in an area with a dry climate? Is your water use restricted? When well-established, Russian Sage is drought-tolerant. Being native to harsh environments, it tolerates inner-city pollution. Do deer and rabbits come to your garden to dine? Russian Sage is deer and rabbit resistant. The essential oils may even repel some insects and vermin.

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