Platycodon - Bellflower, Doraji

Plants have a way of taking root in the human consciousness to the point that they become personal, familial, ethnic or national symbols. Can one mention shamrock, thistle, edelweiss, iris, tulip or rose without a country coming to mind? Why? Familiar plants and terrains, familiar beauties and histories, personal and collective memories, shared pathos of grief, love, longing and home.

Doraji (bellflower) possesses particular poignancy for Koreans who are separated from their loved ones and freedom by totalitarianism. Its native range also includes Japan and China, so Doraji is a part of those cultures, as well.

In its native habitat, doraji may be found in abundance. Few gardeners would devote a garden to it, but that would be their mistake. A mass planting can be spectacular in naturalized meadows. It's also very effective in mixed perennial borders. Doraji is also effective in cutting gardens, and herb gardens. It's perfect for gardens with Asian themes. The dried, paper-thin blooms are wonderful in dried flower arrangements.

To learn more, read our article Doraji - The Bellflower.

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