Pratia - Blue Star Creeper

Some homeowners seek alternatives to turf grass. There are a host of substitutes, and Blue Star Creeper is a good one. It may be that the most difficult thing to know about the plant is its name. It has been called Isotoma (pronounced eye-SOT-oh-muh), Laurentia (law-REN-tee-uh), Lobelia (low-BEE-lee-ah) and Pratia (PRAT-ee-uh), and those are just the genera. The species names have been as many and confusing.

Tiny green leaves form a low, dense mat that is evergreen in warmer climates or semi-evergreen in cooler ones. Small, light blue flowers bloom from spring to fall. Use it where you want a low-maintenance cover at a distance from high-traffic areas. It's perfect around patios and between stepping stones.

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