Sagina - Irish Moss, Scotch Moss

I spied a tidy clump of pearlwort growing beside an asphalt walk as a fellow was shoving a lawn mower over the grass around it. It occurred to me that he might be better off if he planted his entire yard in Pearlwort.

Though most of the pearlworts are attractive, Sagina subulata is the one most commonly grown as an ornamental. The green form is also known as Irish Moss while the yellow cultivar, Sagina subulata 'Aurea', is often called Scotch Moss. Neither are native only to Ireland or Scotland.

It makes a perfect lawn substitute, especially for small to medium lawns. Plant pearlwort between stepping stones, beside walks, in rock gardens and at the fronts of borders. Eco-conscious gardeners should consider it for their green roofs. Container gardeners will find it useful as a planting beneath taller perennials and shrubs, maybe even under larger bonsai.

To learn more, read our article Give Me Pearlwort.

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