Sempervivum - Hens-and-Chicks, Houseleek

Sempervivum are perennials with thick, succulent leaves arranged in rosettes. The leaves store water, so they're very drought tolerant. They grow quickly in full sun and in almost any poor soil type as long as it is slightly acidic or neutral and well-drained. Sandy or rocky soil is ideal.

Hardiness varies, but some varieties will thrive into USDA climate zones 2 and 3. Virtually all are hardy from zone 5 through 9. Sempervivum vary primarily in foliage shape, color and growth height, though the differences are not too great. Height is usually 6 inches or less, and they can be expected to spread up to 12 inches within a few seasons. They are are often used as edging plants, in rock gardens, and in containers.

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