What grows beyond that garden wall?

The Peggy Lee Hahn Horticulture Garden covers almost six acres of plant displays on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was established in 1984 by faculty members of the Horticulture department to serve as a resource for plant, landscaping and environmental education. Follow along to see what grows beyond the garden wall.

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Garden Tip Of The Week

I think a bear got into my bird feeder. I woke up to find my bird feeder pole bent over. Even though we live in a subdivision, I think a bear got into it. Do you have any suggestions to prevent this?

I see that you have suet cages on your feeder. Suet could be the main attraction because it's mostly fat. Bears are omnivorous, which means that in addition to fruits, seeds and insects, they also eat meat or fat. Suet, of course, is fat mixed with seeds, sometimes fruits and even insects. YUMMY!

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